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Foreign Exchange Student Programs

For the finest foreign exchange student programs check out Two Worlds United Education Foundation. Two Worlds United offers academic programs of different duration in more than 30 countries. Courses range from summer sessions of 6 to 8 weeks, through to a full one-year term of 10 or 11 months. Foreign exchange student programs are exciting opportunities for high school students to learn much and mature a lot.

Check our website at to see for yourself how diverse your options and possibilities are. We provide a snapshot of information on each participating country, give you course schedules, and also offer tips on behavior with the particular culture. Foreign exchange student programs are an adventure for both student and hosting family. Whichever you might be, we are eager to make your experience the most rewarding one possible.

Two Worlds United has also developed foreign teacher programs. Find out more about these opportunities on our website. If you require personal assistance, you may contact us at: 1-888-271-6809.


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Foreign Exchange Student Programs
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