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Two Worlds United Programs in Greece for High School students

Although most visitors go to Greece to pursue the past, many others—especially hordes of European sunbathers—go for the bright sun, white beaches, and blue waters of the eastern Mediterranean Sea. Regardless of the reason, Greece invites all blithe spirits—including families with children—to feast on its wonderful music, and food, and to enjoy themselves exuberantly.

Greece is the cradle of Western civilization. In the realms of Western politics, academics, and art—and particularly at the roots of natural science, astronomy, philosophy, architecture, sculpture, mathematics, medicine, law, politics, literature, and the writing of history—there are few ideas or disciplines that did not bloom first under Greek cultivation.

Classical Greek influences reached far and wide throughout the ancient Mediterranean world, certainly well beyond the boundaries of the Greek nation today. Yet even within Greece itself, the ancient monuments and historical sites are so varied and numerous that describing them all would require an encyclopedia—itself a Greek invention: the enkyklios paideia.

Although today Athens suffers from severe smog and noise pollution, this ancient powerhouse of Greek enlightenment is still crowned by its Parthenon atop the Acropolis. Students there can see the Agorá, the Temple of Zeus, the Stoa, the Theater of Dionysus, and enough museums to wear out their sturdiest shoes. Beyond the capital lie many places familiar from history and literature: the supposed tombs of Agamemnon and Clytemnestra at Mycenae, the ancient cities of Sparta, Corinth, Thebes, and Argos; the sacred oracle of Delphi; the theater of Epidauros; the summit of Parnassus; and the first Olympic stadium.

From mainland ports, ferries ply the seas to a myriad islands, such as Crete, where King Minos kept the Minotaur; Rhodes, where the Colossus once stood; and the lovely, rocky Cyclades isles.

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