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To the 70,000 residents of Ireland who still speak Irish, the island nation is Poblacht na h'Éireann, more popularly called Éire. A rather quiet, gentle country—both in landscape and human temperament—the Republic of Ireland is small enough to fit entirely into Lake Superior. Yet, the Irish people, and particularly the prodigious numbers of Irish emigrants, have substantially shaped the politics, history, culture, and economy of the English-speaking world.

Ireland has been dominated by Great Britain for much of its history, so that most of the country speaks English, and much of its architecture and many of its institutions bear a British stamp. One-sixth of the island encompasses Northern Ireland, still administrated by the United Kingdom. The ancient conflict between Catholic and Protestant Irish—"the troubles"—seldom touches the overwhelmingly Catholic Republic of Ireland. The Roman Catholic Church exerts tremendous influence over the people's values and beliefs.

The distinctive Irish character is shaped by old-fashioned, family-oriented, essentially rural qualities: kindliness, lack of pretension, gregariousness, and a penetrating, often self-effacing wit. Irish literature, music, whiskey, and glassware are held in the highest regard among people of discriminating tastes throughout the world; though, indeed, the island's most significant "export" traditionally has been Irish emigrants, who greatly outnumber the population of Ireland. The country's personality takes its strongest form beyond the capital of Dublin, in a largely rural hinterland scattered with towns and villages, and hemmed by rugged coastlines and low, rolling ranges of hills.

Dublin today can provide one of Europe's excited destinations. Although comfortable, friendly, and full of fun, Ireland is unlikely to appeal to students as a cultural and complete destination. Bucking the country's slower-pace trend when necessary, the capital does provide a completely modern infrastructure and comfort for international students.

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