Study Abroad  Japan

Two Worlds United Programs in Japan for High School students

Through all Japan's modernity runs a deep reverence for the past and a fervent belief in tradition that makes travel in the country a very positive and rewarding experience.

As in most congested metropolitan areas of the world, Japan's city dwellers aren't as friendly and warm as residents in more rural areasóbut generally the people of Japan are quite ingratiating. Although 20th-century technology plays a powerful role in the daily life of the Japanese, most Japanese maintain a centuries-old tradition of hospitality and graciousness. In any case, the rewards and burdens of the West are found in much higher concentrations in Japan's urban areasóbut you can find many glimpses into Japan's past in the traditional architecture and slower-paced lifestyle of the countryside.

Japan is a highly rewarding country for students. It offers temples, shrines, and beautiful Japanese gardens; kabuki, the treasured form of theater utilizing intricate scenery, costumes, and makeup; and sumo wrestling and kendo, the sword fighting of the samurai. And there is Japanese art, from woodblock printing to tattooing.

There is much to learn from Japan that will influence your life forever. The beauty of the land, the changing views of Mount Fuji, and the contradictions and complexities of its culture are never forgotten.

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