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Two Worlds United Programs in Mexico for High School students

Although Mexico shares the North American continent, its heritage is more properly part of Central and South America to the south. Because it was Spain's wealthiest colony in the Americas, Mexico has an architectural richness that vies with Europe. As the land of great Native American civilizations, it offers ruins as fascinating as, if less familiar than, those in Greece. And as a modern nation, its distinctive culture, involving an enchanting blend of the Aztecs music, dance, cuisine, handicrafts and arts, is unparalleled.

Much of Mexico comes as a delightful surprise to the students—especially the friendliness of its people, the excellence of its nature, and the rich ancient culture Travel becomes easier each year as Mexico opens new roads to formerly isolated villages and builds modern airports where thatched-roof structures once stood.

You'll be rewarded if you learn a few simple phrases in Spanish, such as gracias ("thank you") or de nada (as in "you're welcome"). A little understanding of the country's ancient and modern cultures will go a long way toward helping you comprehend the people and their customs.

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