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Holland is among the Continent's smallest countries, and yet it is a significant European constitutional kingdom. In many spheres, past and present, the Dutch have exerted an influence on the world well out of proportion to their country's size. With its flat, unprotected landscape and crossroads location, Holland for centuries proved irresistible to vying European empire builders, and has therefore been a contributor to, and recipient of, a variety of cultural influences.

Although Holland can hardly be considered off the beaten track, it is too often shortchanged in travel guides, and inadequately informed travelers continue to give its sights short shrift. Even Amsterdam—the most visited European city after London, Paris, and Rome—is taken in on short-order visits.

Undoubtedly, the country's size has contributed to the fact that Holland is less well known to overseas visitors than other European destinations. The country's pint-size proportions do, however, offer the advantage of short travel distances—and, due to its early pattern of economic and cultural development, Holland boasts a remarkable array of significant sights located conveniently close to one another. Most sites of major interest to travelers are within an hour of one another other by train, so it's entirely possible to base yourself in Amsterdam and head out by day to Leiden, Delft, and The Hague. But don't use this as a rationale to "do" all your destinations on day trips.

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