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Two Worlds United Programs in Spain for High School students

For first time the Students, the face of Spain can be compared to that of an ornate clock, with noteworthy points on the perimeter, and Madrid—the heart of the movement—in the center. Starting at XII, you have Santander, with a history going back to the Cantabrians and a might that reflected the power of ancient Rome.

Moving east, there is San Sebastian at the edges of the Pyrenees, like a jewel couched in green velvet facing the wind-tossed Bay of Biscay. Then you go down to mountainous Pamplona, the pulsebeat of Navarra, where each year, at the Feria de San Fermin, brave souls still expose themselves to the "running of the bulls." The hands sweep through the throbbing tourist sectors of the Costa Brava to burgeoning Barcelona, pride of Catalonia, which boasts the cathedral and room where Queen Isabella celebrated Columbus's triumphant return from the Americas.

Next comes the gaiety of Valencia with its fallas and the ever-present smell of citrus groves and roses. Granada and the fabulous Alhambra strike VI, probably one of the most rewarding points in the passage of your time abroad. There's the slow and easy sunlit Costa del Sol for lazing, golf, and aquatic sports—not to mention the continuous nighttime activities for which the area is famous. Then it's into Andalusia and sun-baked Seville with its Moorish antecedents, neighboring Cordoba standing in the shimmering heat, and up to lovely medieval Salamanca; to the rugged Atlantic fjords of Vigo, Pontevedra, and Arosa; to land's end, jewel-like La Coruna; and finally to the stately antique grace of Santiago, where so many pilgrimages have culminated.  Spain is a treasure for discover.  Although seems that it is already know for the world.  Spain is the 3 most visit country of the world and for the side of the country this means that it is an exceptional place to study and enjoy a program abroad.  More...

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