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Australia top France top
Not long ago, mention of Australia conjured visions of a vast geological and zoological theme park. The highly personal abroad service is further supported by our main office and with quality programs in all classes. There is a high existing cooperation with schools and Universities across the country.   In France the places have a long and rich history, beautiful landscapes, and a complex, compelling culture. If France were simply Paris, or Provence, or Burgundy, or the Côte d'Azur, it would still be an enticing destination for students.
England top Germany top
Great Britain's influence on the histories, cultures, and imaginations of peoples around the world is colossal—far greater than might reasonably be expected from the purview of its narrow island home, its relatively small population, students will find an unique experience in this country. Germany is an excellent introduction to Europe for international students. English is widely spoken, the country is clean and functional, and the educational infrastructure is excellent.  You will find meticulously restored the historic areas and forests; the smaller villages retain their quaintness and scenic treasures.
Spain top Netherlands top
For first time students, the face of Spain can be compared to that of an ornate clock, with noteworthy points on the perimeter, and Madrid—the heart of the movement—in the center. Starting at XII, you have Santander, with a history going back to the Cantabrians and a might that reflected the power of ancient Rome. Spain is among the best destinations for students from around the world. With its flat, unprotected landscape and crossroads location, Holland for centuries proved irresistible to vying European empire builders, and has therefore been a contributor to, and recipient of, a variety of cultural influences.  Students will find a complete cultural and educational experience in this country.
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