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2002-2003 Two Worlds United program facts are as follows: 



Do I have more help in the event that I am having problems understanding?


In addition to the help provided by the teachers in the school, the student will have a lot of support from all the members of the host family who will help her/him to progress with their language skills through every day coexistence.  The family will treat  the student as another member of the family and the student will be immersed in a new way of life where he/she will explore all the values and beliefs of his/her new family. 

The local representatives are also available to provide assistance to students.  Local representatives can help students to find tutors or to find local language programs that are helpful in speeding up the process of learning and speaking the language.

Admissions Dep't.
Tel: 1 (805) 581-9191
Fax: 1 (805) 581-6079

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