2001-2002 Preliminary Application
Application process

Two Worlds United has a 3 step application process designed for your convenience. We will help you in the process of filling out the necessary forms an to select the program and the country that are right for you.

1 - This Pre-application Form starts the process for enrollment in the program of your selection.  It tells us that you want to participate in a Two Worlds United experience and indicates in which program and country you are more interested at this time. When Two Worlds United receives this form and your $75 application fee (by money order, or check payable to Two Worlds United submitted by mail), Part 2 (the Application) will be sent to you.

2 - The Full Application is an essential step towards your enrollment in the program.  Your answers to the questions included in the Full Application will help determine your eligibility for a Two Worlds United program.  Because some of this information is provided to your host country and host family, it is their first chance to get to know you.

3 - The Interview, with a Two Worlds United Representative.  This step provides valuable information for you and your family, and gives you an excellent opportunity to begin thinking about what you want to gain from your Two Worlds United experience.  It also give us a chance to learn more about you and what you are looking for in an exchange experience, and to determine whether you and the Two Worlds United program you have chosen are a good match.

Two Worlds United has a rolling admissions. Your place in a specific program cannot be awarded until we receive ALL you materials.  Start the process now, so it can be completed as soon as possible.  To save time, and pay by credit card on our Web Site. 

Admissions Dep't.
Tel: 1 (805) 581-9191
Fax: 1 (805) 581-6079

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