Study Abroad  College & Career Advantage
College & Career Advantage

Studying abroad can give you advantages in many ways. Colleges and universities recognize the value of international experiences and many give preference for admission to students that have studied and lived abroad. They recognize the maturity and strength that living abroad develops. When applying for scholarship awards a background as an international exchange student is highly favorable.

Living abroad also helps you to develop an understanding of your interests and goals. Many students find that studying abroad determined their career interest and their college course of study.

Career wise, an international program is helpful as well.  Ask anyone, it is never too early to start developing a recognizable curriculum for your resume. An international experience on a resume tells a lot to a potential employer. It shows experience, responsibility, integrity, flexibility, and personal strength. All of those qualities that you would like to "show" to the employer during the job interview. An experience living abroad shows all of that for you, but the career advantage goes even beyond that. Living abroad helps you to develop leadership qualities and communication skills. Imagine that after confronting an entirely new environment and a new language that a room of co-workers could ever intimidate you. By studying and living abroad you also learn to strive for things that before would have been unthinkable.

International business is now an essential part of our world. The question is how involved in it do you want to be. Studying abroad can give you an idea of how interconnected our world has become. It can be a first step in your path towards working in the international sector.

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