Academic Year  Program Description

Program Description

What is the Academic Year Abroad ?   
Two Worlds United Student Exchange Organization, gives teenagers the opportunity to broaden their horizons by living in a country of selection for an academic year, semester or several weeks during the summer.  There is no better way to learn about another country, its customs and the way of life of its people than by experiencing it firsthand.  As an international exchange student, you will eat food native to the country of destination, experience new traditions and learn the way people your own age live day to day.  More students every year enhance their lives by studying abroad.  They gain skills they could never have learned by staying home. Here are some of the areas in which students can grow:

Maturity -  Students see the world in a different way, become more patient, flexible and learn to appreciate different lifestyles.

Self-confidence -  Students learn to make more decisions on their own and become more confident and self-assured.

Making Friends -  Students make new friends from another country,  often for a lifetime.

Becoming a global citizen -  Students become more adapt in not only learning about another culture but understanding their own.

College and future career -  Students are more competitive as college applicants and in their future career.

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