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Two Worlds United Programs in Denmark for High School students

Any country that numbers among its patron saints Hans Christian Andersen, Victor Borge, and an ancient king named Harald Bluetooth, must have a true sense of whimsy, wonder, and humor. Denmark's sea-wrapped landscape may be lovely, its thatched cottages charming, and its capital one of the most pleasant cities of Europe, but the country's greatest asset is its people—the Danes—though the food may run a close second. Pack your sense of fun when you take off for Denmark.

With its small cottages and tiny hamlets, Denmark appears idyllic—almost a toy nation—and its emphasis on fantasy and fun (it has two of the best amusement parks in the world) makes it ideal for students. But it has as much to offer students as well, including sophisticated buildings and a remarkable history with monuments and art. 

The term the Danes use to describe the style that is so much a part of their life is hyggelig, which, though strictly untranslatable, suggests a combination of friendliness, coziness, and cheer. As a Two Worlds United student you'll find this ever-so-Danish quality everywhere you go.

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