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Italy is truly one of the cradles of Western civilization, with one of the longest histories and richest cultures in Europe. Rome was the capital of the ancient Roman Empire, and is home to the Vatican See, the center of the Roman Catholic Church. Florence, home to Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo, was one of the greatest centers of the Renaissance, and is filled with beautiful art and wondrous architecture. Venice, whose wealth was built on trade with the East, rose on a series of islands; canals became its streets, linking piazzas, palaces, and fabulous churches.

However, modern Italy is much more than a museum of its past glories. The mountains of the southern Alps, particularly the Dolomites, and the peaks and valleys of the Apennines lend Italy a rugged natural beauty. With thousands of miles of coastline, Italy is also a major resort destination; its islands—Sicily, Sardinia, and more remote archipelagoes like the Aeolian Islands—have become popular getaways for those seeking summer sand and sun.

In spite of its imposing history and its natural beauty, perhaps Italy's most enduring attractions are its people and contemporary culture. While the stereotype of the typical Italian is no more accurate than any other, Italians in general live life with passion and a vibrant sense of style. Quality food, wine, and design reach heights in Italy rarely approached elsewhere in the world. Plan on spending at least a few days in an Italian city—full of cafés, open-air piazzas, and the hustle and bustle of people going about their lives amidst ancient landmarks—and take in the flavor of modern Italian culture bridges.

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