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Two Worlds United Programs in New Zealand for High School students

Traveling in New Zealand is a journey through time as well as distance. The landscape, the country towns, drivers who wave on the back roads, and even the radio stations come from a cleaner, greener, friendlier past.

But the scenery is the real attraction. Covering an area about the same size as the United Kingdom, New Zealand has fjords, glaciers, geysers, subtropical rain forests, surf beaches, trout streams, forest-rimmed lakes, alpine meadows, and 200 mountain peaks that measure more than 2,500 meters (8,200 feet).

New Zealand is divided into two main islands: North Island, home to most of the country's 3,552,000 people, and South Island. A crucial consideration for visitors is how to divide their time between these two islands. New Zealand has spectacular scenery throughout the country; but while the North Island often resembles a manicured golf course, the South Island is wild, majestic, and exhilarating. If you travel to New Zealand in search of adventure, then your itinerary should be focused on the South Island.

New Zealand is an ideal student destination.  Home stays and farm stays provide an ideal opportunity for international students to experience life in New Zealand.

Remember that seasons in New Zealand are the reverse of those in the Northern Hemisphere. If you arrive in mid-year you can expect chilly weather and snow-covered mountains on both islands.

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