Study Abroad  Sweden

Two Worlds United Programs in Sweden for High School students

Sweden is among the most civilized of countries. It has much to offer the students from its lovely capital, Stockholm, to its tranquil lake country, to the mysterious island of Gotland, with its 12 haunting church ruins. In the cozy southern region of Skāne, the thatched cottages and lively residents are testimony to centuries of Danish dominion. The "kingdom of glass," between the southern towns of Kalmar and Vaxjo, is yet another lure for the students.

It's possible to get a sampling of all that Sweden has to offer, as air and rail travel are efficient and extensive. The students can travel from Stockholm to the upper reaches of Sįpmi (formerly known as Lapland) in little more than an hour. Boats are ubiquitous here: Almost every self-respecting Swede has one, and it seems that all of them are out in the Stockholm archipelago on a summer Sunday afternoon. Sightseeing tours from Stockholm extend far into the archipelago; and from Nynashamn, about 48 kilometers (30 miles) south, you can get on a boat that will take you on a full day trip through the islands or all the way to Gotland.  A fun place to study and travel.

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