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Participation in the USA Group Program is a unique experience!  Student Group's are placed with American Host families to experience the American style of life firsthand.  This program will give you an incomparable experience.  An American family will receive you and will treat you as a member of the family and they will help you during the entire program, with only the intention of sharing their life with a student of another culture, life and different customs.

When you arrive, the Two Worlds United Area Coordinator will organize a welcome party and an extended orientation.  You will review important information about your stay, and you will get to know other students from different nationalities and their host families.  At this point, your new experience is just beginning!

In Two Worlds United, we work with high schools where previous students have completed their courses with satisfaction and they speak highly of the level of teaching and the support they received from their teachers.  The diversity of the class subjects and the extra-curricular activities also are evaluated.  You will find  the unique style of the American High Schools very different and interesting.  

Programs length from 3 days to an entire Academic Year.  For an specific period of time and/or number of participants please contact Two Worlds United at your country of origin or link here.   

The qualifications that the prospective student may have are:


Students or graduated 


Age between 15 to 26 years old


Good level of English.


Good academic level


Maturity to adapt to new environments.


To pass an  interview in the country of origin

The documentation that the student need to provide is:

Two Worlds United application completed.

Complete Medial Transcript

Letter to the Hosting Family

Certify copy of the grades from the last course.

Certify copy of the grades of the actual course.  (after complexion). 

8 photographs of passport size

The required test:

The prospective student will have a personal interview of English where she/he will have to answer a number of questions that will allow the Two Worlds United office abroad to evaluate the maturity and the interest of the future exchange student.  

Convalidation of classes:

Groups of Students wanting to participate in the High School Academic Year or Semester in USA may allow to participants the convalidation of the classes at the time of return to the country of origin.  Two Worlds United will guide in detail throughout the entire process as well as inform of the existent regulations and requirements necessary for the complete conversion of the courses finished in the USA.  


The deadline  for the inscription in the Two Worlds United Group Program in the USA is April 1st.  After this date some restrictions may apply.  

Cost of the Program   

To receive the complete information about our programs in USA please fill this application and the personnel of Two Worlds United in your country will contact you to with all the necessary information.

Frequent Questions & Answers

To learn more about the Two Worlds United Academic Year in USA program please take a look to the most common questions and answers from many of our other prospective students.    

How can you get started

To get starting with the process of enrollment just fill out this sort application.  Your great adventure just begin!

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