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Studying Abroad

Benefits of studying and living abroad

Traveling abroad and living in a new culture is a remarkable experience.  We have seen the benefits of studying and living abroad in our alumni students. To become fluent in a language it is essential to live and interact with fluent speakers. Two Worlds United students live within a native language speaking host family, learning the customs and traditions of the culture, sharing meals, holidays & festivals, social activities and everyday life. This experience allows students to learn the language at an accelerated pace and in a real context, but the benefits extend far beyond the acquisition of language skills. Students gain maturity, flexibility, and independence after traveling and adapting to a new environment and culture. They become more aware of the world in which they live as they learn respect for other customs, cultures and for themselves. They become more self-reliant and gain a deep sense of confidence after going through such a difficult transition to a new language and culture.

Being an exchange student is a very rewarding experience, and often a life-changing one.  It often gives students the integrity they will need in their upcoming start in college.  After having made the transition into a new culture and language, students have the confidence to pursue goals and to strive to put more from themselves whatever may be the task at hand.  

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