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1. Year How do I get started in the Study Abroad Program? 10
2. Year When should I apply? 10
3. Year What happens after I get accepted? 10
4. Year How long are the programs? 10
5. Year Will I be able to receive credit for the classes I take overseas? 10
6. Year What kind of support will I receive while studying abroad? 10
7. Year How is the grade level system in Spanish High Schools? 10
8. Year It is the teaching method different that in my country? 9
9. Year What is a typical day in a High School? 8
10. Year Will the teachers help me in my classes? 9
11. Year Do I have more help in case of having problems understanding? 9
12. Year Do I have someone to help me if I have  questions that are not school related? 9
13. Year Who are the Area Representatives? 7
14. Year How much spending money will I need overseas? 6
15. Year Do I have someone to help me if I have questions that are not school related 9
16. Year Who are the Area Representatives 5
17. Year Who are the Host Families 5

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