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Transferring Credits

2001-2002 program facts are as follows:      


Transfer Guide 
Receiving credit for your courses taken abroad is not difficult.  Your Two Worlds United Representative will guide you through the process of transferring credits and answering questions about the educational system of the country of your selection.

Your enrollment and transfer of credits is based on the courses you have already completed and what courses remain for you to take before graduation.  Essentially this means that not every course you will take abroad needs to be transferred or transferable.

The most reliable way to determine what credits you will need is to set up an appointment with your guidance counselor before you leave for the program.  Your guidance counselor will be able to examine your courses and determine what requirements are necessary.  You will also need to get official transcripts from you high school, and Two Worlds United will then submit these to your new high school abroad.

Your representative abroad will receive copies of your high high school transcripts.  Your representative will be familiar with your course history as well as with the courses available to take abroad. Your representative understands what courses are available for you to meet your credit needs for graduation.  

For example:

If the country you are studying abroad in is Spain.....


Equivalents in Spain include Spanish Literature, Spanish


Equivalents in Spain include Spanish History, World History, Spanish Government, Economics in Spain, World Studies, Current Issues

You will receive detailed information of the courses and equivalents prior departure.  We will be in contact with your High School counselor who will guide you through the process of course selection abroad and the transfer of the classes once you return.

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