2003-2004 Prerequisites for the Summer Programs

Prerequisites for program participation

What are the Requirements?

The requirements for participation in the Summer Abroad programs are:

  • Students of high school or college

  • Age between 15 to 26 years

  • Medium or Above Average knowledge of Foreign language. 

  • Good academic level (overall GPA of at least a C)

  • Maturity to adapt to new environments.

  • Successful score in a personal interview.

You must have at least a 2.50 GPA for summer programs. Applicants are selected through personal interview, teacher recommendations, and overall potential as being a successful international program participant. Two Worlds United students must be motivated, flexible, open-minded, curious, adaptable to new situations, and should have a sense of humor. Students must complete a standard application and submit all required paperwork to be accepted to the program.

  • Applying Online
    You can apply now by using our online admission application at application/form.

  • Open Enrollment
    Open Enrollment
    is available for all programs.

Admissions Dep't.
Tel: 1 (805) 581-9191
Fax: 1 (805) 581-6079

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