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International Student Exchange

The experts in international student exchange are waiting to assist you. See us at Two Worlds United Education Foundation delivers international student exchange options that will suit your needs whether as a student or a student's host family. We have exchange programs with more than 30 countries, and a variety of course lengths. 

An international student exchange opportunity is a once in a lifetime adventure for a high school student. The experiences and memories will remain throughout life and reward the young people in many ways. Nothing else is quite like immersion in another culture, learning and adapting to new customs, and acquiring a new language. These are just some of the benefits which contribute to individual maturity and self-confidence.

When you browse through our website, be sure to check the more detailed sections that provide useful country information, course schedules, and some tips on behavior. For more information, call: 1-888-271-6809.


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International Student Exchange
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