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Interested in student exchange programs? Look no further than Two Worlds United Education Foundation. We offer student exchange options that include a choice of more than 30 countries, and an academic time period to suit individual purposes. Two Worlds United has summer programming, 4 to 6 month semesters, and full year (10 to 11 month) academic sessions.

The value of student exchange between foreign families is an experience of a lifetime. The mixing of cultures and backgrounds provides young people with an unforgettable awareness of and lifelong appreciation for each other. Everyone in the family in fact benefits from a new understanding and friendships blossom.

Visit the Two Worlds United website for further information about student exchange and study abroad programs. There is much to choose from. We provide student group programs and specialized programs just for teachers as well.

Whether you are drawn to the exotic orient, or the rich histories of European nations, Two Worlds United has a study destination that's right for you. See us:


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Student Exchange
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