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The Importance of International Education

TWO WORLDS UNITED is working to build a better community through international education.  “TWO WORLDS UNITED” (Two Worlds United) is a nonprofit organization, that comprises the international educational and cultural exchange community around the world.  Two Worlds United seeks to develop leadership, personal growth and development in the youth community.  Its mission is to formulate and promote educational programs that support the growth of international exchanges between the people of the world.

We helped many students  to grow personally and to develop their potential on a wide variety of exchange programs across the globe. TWO WORLDS UNITED staff is highly trained, and are devoted to helping people to acquire knowledge and develop global skills for living in a culturally diverse world.

TWO WORLDS UNITED provides youth with a new world of experiences and knowledge.  Our  programs are designed to give youth the opportunity to spend a summer, semester or academic year in another country. Our students are exposed to other cultures, languages and ways of thinking.  This new knowledge and experience enable youth to become educated, open-minded, mature people who are connected to and care about the world in which they live.

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