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How to became an exchange student with Two Worlds United. Find out more at With more than 35 participating countries, Two Worlds United offers a wealth of cultures and languages from which to choose for your foreign studies. The academic programs are provided in various lengths, from 6 to 8 week summer sessions, to a full one-year term of 10 or 11 months.

Check our website at for the exciting details about our participating countries, course scheduling and a few behavioral tips. Follow the links to see the specific study abroad programs offered, what the course requirements are, or learn about how Host Family arrangements work. There is much to see, and a marvelous world of adventure to investigate!

As well as information for the student and host family, Two Worlds United provides foreign teacher programming as well. Details about the teacher programs are available on the website. For personal assistance, please call our toll free at  1-888-696-8808.


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