What are the Two Worlds United Student Exchange requirements?
Successful applicants will be:

    » High School students or equivalent.

    » Age between 15 to 18 years of age.

    » Good academic level (overall GPA of at least a C)

    » Maturity to adapt to new environments.

    » Be in good health to travel (certain prescription medications may prohibit participation in an exchange)

    » Adequate Financial resources to pay program tuition (program fees are listed here)

How do I apply?

If you meet the requirements for the program in which you would like to participate, you need to complete the  Pre-application Form.  Once your completed Enrollment Form is received, you will be sent a full application and more information about the program of your choice.  Once your application is reviewed by the Two Worlds United Organization and you are found to meet all program requirements, arrangements will be made for an interview with an Area Representative in your area.

How much does it cost?

Please refer to the Program Tuition Page which is on this site, click here Tuition Fee List to determine the full price of the program you are attending.   Each program has a different cost, the full price of the program varies depending on your destination country and length of program you choose. 

When is my final payment due? Can I pay in installments?

Students are able to pay the program fee in several payments, please keep in mind the following guidelines:


»   $950 - Confirmation Deposit Due with Application. This payment is a deposit applied to the Program cost. If you  are not accepted into the Study Abroad Program, your $950 Confirmation Deposit will be returned. If you are accepted into the Study Abroad Program, your $950 Confirmation Deposit becomes non-refundable at the time of acceptance by Two Worlds United (TWU). A Student will not be placed on the Program without this deposit.

»   $1500 Payment Due within 15 days of TWU Acceptance

»   50% of Remaining Balance is Due on the following dates:

                              April 15 (Summer, Fall Semester, Academic Year

                              October 15 (Spring Semester except Japan)

                              December 15 (Spring Semester Japan)

»   Final Balance Due:

                              May 10 (Summer)

                              June 1 (Fall Semester, Academic Year)

                              November 10 (Spring Semester except Japan)

                              January 15 (Spring Semester Japan)

What is included in the program cost?

Besides support during the application process and throughout your study abroad experience, you can also look forward to the following:

    » Placement in a carefully selected host family.

    » Enrollment in a High School in the destination country.

    » In-country transportation to host community.

    » Local Coordinator in the area of your placement.

    » 24-hour worldwide emergency assistance throughout the program.

    » Student Handbook and other information.

    » Orientations.

-Does Two Worlds United  offer scholarships or other financial assistance?

Yes, Two Worlds United offers partial scholarships from $250 up to $1800. Qualified students may apply based on criteria which may include: academic grade point average, financial need, number and level of courses attempted in high school, rank in class, and information included on the International Awareness Scholarship application. Each scholarship is based upon meeting the individual scholarship requirements and the application competition.  Please consult with our Admissions office to find out more about the Two Worlds United scholarship programs available to you.

Is the $950 program deposit refundable?

If you are not accepted into the Study Abroad program, or withdraw before acceptance, your $950 program deposit will be refunded minus a $95 application processing fee. Once you are accepted into the Student Exchange program, your $950 program deposit becomes non-refundable.

What happens after I get accepted?

After you are accepted to the program, TWU sends your application abroad and begins the process of selecting a host family, and arranging your study abroad program.  In the host country, prior to your arrival, the TWU overseas program will locate, screen, select and prepare the host family to receive you. For our academic programs, TWU also ensures that each student is enrolled in a local high school. If you are applying to a semester or year program, your student file is submitted to our partner schools and you will be selected by a host school.  After your placement arrangements in the foreign country are finalized our staff will assist you with the international travel arrangements to your host country destination; we will provide you with a pre-departure orientation; and familiarize you and your parents with the program the goals of the program, its regulations, the administrative procedures, and the adjustment issues that may arise overseas. TWU also assists the student in program preparation and in creating realistic expectations and preparing for culture shock. After your arrival, TWU provides local supervision, care and assistance to the student and his/her host family throughout the term of the exchange program.

How long are the programs?

For the Academic Year Program, the program length is 9 to 11 months depending upon the destination country.

For the Semester Program, the program is between 4 to 6 months depending upon the destination country and depending upon the Semester that is attended, i.e. Fall or Winter Semester.

The Summer Homestay Programs range from two to eight weeks during the summer months.  Students may choose the length of Summer Homestay that best fits their schedule and needs.

Short-Term Language Programs range from 2 weeks to 3 months.  

- I don’t have much foreign language experience. How can I go to school in another country?

Depending on the destination country and program you have chosen you may or may not be required to have previous study of the language of your host country. Please see the information below for information on the programs and destinations which require previous language study.   If you have chosen a host country and program without a pre-requisite for foreign language study then don't worry many Two Worlds United students are like you, starting off with little or no host country language experience. But soon they are able to communicate at a basic level, and a lot of Two Worlds United students are fluent after a year. There is no better way to learn a language than by speaking it 24/7!

Summer Programs - All destinations

Good news!  If you have selected a summer program there is no requirement for prior language study.  TWU Summer programs are open to beginners regardless of the destination country.  

Semester & Year Programs

France - 2 years of prior French study is preferred

Spain - 1 year of prior Spanish study is preferred

Japan - 2 years of prior Japanese study is mandatory -(sorry, no exceptions)

England - no prior language study required

Ireland - no prior language study required

Australia - no prior language study required

New Zealand - no prior language study required

Italy - no prior language study required

Norway - no prior language study required

Argentina - 1 year of prior Spanish study is preferred

Mexico - 1 year of prior Spanish study is preferred

Ecuador - 1 year of prior Spanish study is preferred

Costa Rica - 1 year of prior Spanish study is preferred

Puerto Rico - 1 year of prior Spanish study is preferred

Brazil - 1 year of prior Portuguese study is preferred

China - 1 year of prior Mandarin study is preferred

Will I be able to receive credits for the classes that I take overseas?

Each high school has their own policies and requirements on transfer credits. Your transfer credits will be based upon your high school's specific policies and, therefore, Two Worlds United cannot guarantee that you will receive credit for coursework completed abroad. We recommend that you plan ahead and take any specific courses that you need to meet graduation requirements, before or after you go abroad. You should discuss these matters with a guidance counselor as soon as you decide to study abroad and get written documentation of what is required by your school. Your counselor can also consult Two Worlds United's high school page on our website for more information on coursework abroad and transferring credits.

What kind of support will I receive while I am abroad?

Each exchange student has an assigned local representative to supervise, monitor and provide support throughout the entire exchange program.  The local representative provides assistance to the student, host family, and school.  This representative is available if the student has any questions or problems that require extra assistance.  In addition, 24-hour Emergency Assistance is available in each of Two Worlds United's destination countries to ensure that students can reach Two Worlds United Staff abroad 24 hours a day in the event of an emergency.

Who are the local representatives?

The Local Representatives work as a part of the Two Worlds United Exchange Program.  Many have been involved with exchange students for more than 15 years.   They are motivated by the opportunity to work with young people from other nations, and they have a true cultural and educational interest. Local Representatives participate in on-going training and attend training conferences periodically throughout the year.           

How are host families selected?

Host families are carefully chosen by Two Worlds United Representation Abroad based upon their desire to host a visiting student and their ability to provide a safe, comfortable home and a positive cultural experience for their new family member.  Host families are screened in a multi-step process to evaluate their background and suitability to provide accommodation to an exchange student.        

-I know a family in my program country that would like to host me. Is this possible?

In some instances, it is possible to arrange a direct placement. However, even if the family is familiar to the student, they must undergo the same application and screening process as other potential host families. Therefore, there is no guarantee that the placement can be arranged by the organization. Students cannot be placed with family members in their host country.

-What if I don't get along with my host family?

An exchange student must be adaptable and make a serious effort to adjust to living with the host family. Please keep in mind that it is the student's responsibility to adapt to the family's lifestyle and rules, even if they are different from what they are accustomed to in their own home. Your local representative will assist you with this adjustment process. Two Worlds United and its partner organizations try first to resolve all problems through discussion and mediation. However, if it is absolutely necessary, we will make the necessary arrangements to move the student to a more suitable host family.

-Can I choose where I am placed?

Some TWU Programs allow students to select a destination city.  Most TWU Summer Programs allow students to choose from a variety of destination cities even metropolis cities.  These programs are the best choice for students who have a specific destination city in mind.  Academic Trimester, Semester and Year programs in Australia with TWU offer choices of Sydney, Melbourne and other popular destination cities for students to choose from.  Trimester, Semester and Year Programs in other destinations are widespread and students must be prepared to accept any placement that is selected for them. In these long-term programs, our primary goal is to find a good host family match for each student. Therefore, it is not possible to guarantee any specific location for students enrolling in these Trimester, Semester and Academic Year Programs.

-Where are students generally placed in different countries?

Students are placed in large and medium size communities or capital cities, however, this varies depending on the country. Please check the specific country for more details.

Is the teaching method different that in my country?

The  teaching method in our destination countries may be very different from those in your home country.  This is a part of the experience of being an exchange student.  In each country the educational system has its own characteristics.  Often students meet together in small groups to study together, getting in on one of these study groups is quite easy and will be very helpful in making the transition into a new school system.

Do I have more help in the event that I am having problems understanding?

In addition to the help provided by the teachers in the school, the student will have a lot of support from the local representatives who are available to provide assistance to students.  Local representatives can help students to find tutors or to find local language programs that are helpful in speeding up the process of learning and speaking the language.

Do I have someone to help me if I have  questions that are not school related?

Two Worlds United provides each student with a Local Representative within the community where she/he lives.  The Local Representatives are responsible for screening and selecting the right family and high school for each student. Local Representatives keep direct contact with the student, the family and the High School for the complete period of the program.  They are at the disposition of the student in the event of any difficulty or questions that may arise.  They are  the center of support for the student throughout the study abroad program.

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