Preliminary Application Form

  EXCHANGE PROGRAMS: Year, Semester and Summer

If you are interested in being considered for participation in a Two Worlds Youth Travel Program, please print and complete this Preliminary

Application Form and send it by mail to the Two Worlds Youth Travel Program with a check in the amount of $95.

First Name:

Last Name:             

Sex:     q Female     q Male


Date of Birth:                                    Age:

Native language:




Postal/Zip code:


1- Phone (H):  (         )

2- Phone (H):  (          )                     Area Code      citry applicatione student! ogram?

veone either way o go to here that we would need to schedule aro

 Cell Phone:  (         )                      

Student’s E-mail:                   

 Parent(s) Email(s):

Destination Country: I would like to travel to (Spain, France, UK, etc)

Program Interest

I am applying for:      q Year       q Semester      q Trimester         q Summer      

Summer Programs (only)

Homestay  q            Language Program  q


Duration (e.g. 4 weeks)          


Program Code (if available)


Departing time  (e.g. March/2009)



Parent’s Data

I live with:        q Both parents         q Mother only         q Father only         q Other:

Mother’s name:                                         Occupation:                                          Work Phone:


Father’s name:                                          Occupation:                                          Work Phone:









What is your foreign language level?    Beginner   /   Elementary   /    Intermediate    /    Advanced   /    Proficient


What other languages have you studied?                                                              Years of Study:


What are your interest and hobbies?


Have you participated in another study abroad program q Yes    q No (if yes, which program)

School Data

School Name:

Grade level:

Current Academic GPA:


Foreign Language Teacher:


Guidance Counsellor’s name:

Do you have health problems or disabilities to be considered? If yes please explain:



Is there anything we need to know to find a suitable host family (e.g. diets, medical problems, allergy, dislike of certain pets)?


Remarks (e.g. Group or Buddy Program Application – list name of your group leader or other applicants if applying for a Buddy Program):



Person to contact in case of emergency



Relationship (e.g. father):




Phone (H):   (            )      


Phone (W):   (            ) 


Cell Phone:   (           )

I agree to the program terms and conditions and that the above information is true and documents given in support of my pre-application are complete and correct.


_____________________________________________________                           _______________________

Signature of Student                                                                                                   Date


_____________________________________________________                           _______________________

Parent(s) or Guardian(s)                                                                                             Date

Two Worlds Youth Travel Program  

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Phone:  (888) 696-8808 Fax: (888) 848-4269












Preliminary Application process


The program has a 3 step application process.


1.     This Pre-application Form starts the process for enrollment in the program of your selection. It tells us that you want to participate in a study abroad program and indicates the program and country you have selected. When we receive this form and your $95 application fee (by money order, or check payable to the Two Worlds Youth Travel Program submitted by mail), your application will be reviewed and processed by our staff and eligible students will obtain registration in the program.  Registered students will be emailed the full application which contains forms that are necessary for their programs. A registration in the program will be held while the full application is being completed.   Because completing the full application may take some time, submitting a Preliminary Application allows students to register for a program prior to completing and submitting all final paperwork.


2.     The Full Application is an essential step towards your enrollment in the program. Your answers to the questions included in the Full Application will help determine your final placement in the program. Because some of this information is provided to your host country and host family, it is their first chance to get to know you.


3.     The Interview, with a Program Representative. This step provides valuable information for you and your family, and gives you an excellent opportunity to begin thinking about what you want to gain from your study abroad experience. It also gives us a chance to learn more about you and what you are looking for in an exchange experience, and to determine whether you and the destination country and program type you have chosen are a good match. If a representative is not located within close proximity to your home, the interview may be conducted by phone.


Each program has limited availability. A place in the program requires registration by mail with a completed Preliminary Application Form. Start the process now, to ensure program availability.




Personal expenses not covered in the program fee include items such as visa fees, travel and medical insurance, pocket money, transport to and from school, school lunches (if applicable), school uniforms, school activities, club fees, clothing, toiletries, and free-time travel. All students are required to have insurance against accident, ill health, repatriation, and additional coverage against third party liability.


What is included in the program cost? 

    » Placement in a carefully selected host family.

    » Enrollment in a High School in the destination country (summer programs do not include enrollment in a high school, if you select a summer language program, language courses

       are included in the program).

    » Homestay accommodation including meals with your host family

    » In-country transportation to host community.

    » Local Coordinator in the area of your placement.

    » 24-hour worldwide emergency assistance throughout the program.

    » Student Handbook and other information.

    » Orientations.


-Are scholarships or other financial assistance available?

Yes, we offer partial scholarships from $250 up to $1800. Qualified students may apply based on criteria which may include: academic grade point average, financial need, number and level of courses attempted in high school, rank in class, and information included on the International Awareness Scholarship application. Each scholarship is based upon meeting the individual scholarship requirements and the application competition.  Please consult with our admissions office to find out more about the scholarship programs available to you.


For Study Abroad queries you can contact an admissions counselor at 1-888-696-8808. The admissions counselors are available Monday through Friday from 11:00 am until 7:30 pm (EST).





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Two Worlds Youth Travel Program
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