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Have questions about exchange student programs? Two Worlds United is your best source for answers. Two Worlds United Educational Foundation (Two Worlds United) has established study abroad programs in more than 30 countries. Courses range from six weeks to a full one-year term. Whether you are considering studying abroad or want to host a foreign student, you will find the information you need at our website,

Foreign exchange programs offer the chance of a lifetime. Students learn a new language. They learn to respect culture and customs different from their own. They gain greater understanding of others - and themselves. The rewards truly go far beyond academic achievement. As well as personal growth, students can expect to establish international friendships that last long into the future.

Two Worlds United is eager to support you in your experience with international education. We are committed to providing the very best experience for you if you are about to become one. For further assistance, call us at 1-888-696-8808.


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Exchange Student Programs

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