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See where you can go with a Two Worlds United student exchange program...
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Application deadlines vary by program. Space is limited. Applicants are accepted to the program on a first-com first-serve basis. If you have questions about tuition, please contact us. To access to the preapplication please link here.
Asia, South Pacific and Africa Academic Year Semester Summer



$2550/4-Week Program

New Zealand $5,295 $4,475 $2550/4-Week Program
Japan $5,935 $4,395 $2550/4-Week Program
South Africa $5,450 $4,550 $2550/4-Week Program
Central And South America Academic Year Semester Summer
Argentina $5,285 $4,350 $2695/4-Week Program
Brazil $5,545 $4,550 $2550/4-Week Program
Costa Rica $5,250 $4,250 $2550/4-Week Program
Europe Academic Year Semester Summer
England $5,295 $4,250 $2485/4-Week Program
Belgium $5,285 $4,250 $2485/4-Week Program
France $5,295 $4,250 $2485/4-Week Program
Germany $5,295 $4,250 $2485/4-Week Program
Ireland $5,295 $4,250 $2485/4-Week Program
Italy $5,295 $4,250 $2485/4-Week Program
Netherlands $5,395 $4,250 $2485/4-Week Program
Norway $5,395 $4,250 $2485/4-Week Program
Spain $5,295 $4,250 $2485/4-Week Program
Sweden $5,395 $4,350 $2585/4-Week Program
North America Academic Year Semester Summer
Canada $5,250 $4,285 $2485/4-Week Program
USA $5,395 $4,350 $2485/4-Week Program
Mexico $5,250 $4,365 $2485/4-Week Program                                
Tuition includes:
  • Placement in a carefully selected host family and school
  • 24-hour worldwide emergency assistance throughout the program
  • Pre-departure and in-country orientations
  • Student Handbook
  • Assistance in obtaining a passport and visa
  • Supervision and counseling during the application process
    and throughout the program
  • Periodic progress reports

Prices as of December 2001. All prices subject to change.

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