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Study Abroad, Student Exchange, High School Study Abroad Programs, Summer Study Abroad Programs
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See where you can go with a Two Worlds United student exchange program...


Application Process
How to become a student exchange?
Steps to follow
5-Fulll Application and Interview with Two Worlds United
Please review the prices for the program of your interest.


Select the Program of Your Choice
The first step will be to select a program you would like to participate in.  What is the most suitable program for you, the Academic Year Program, Academic Semester Program or a Summer Program.

Select the country in which you would like to go
Choose from more than 55 unique destinations with the Two Worlds United student exchange program.

Review your qualifications towards the program of your interest
Would you be in  between 15 and 18 years old at the time of the program participation?  Check out  the program requirements for students.

Download the Pre-application and Full Application online
For a faster process, you can print the online pre-application and mail it  to our main office for program reservation.  After receiving the pre-application and the enrollment fee, we will send you a application package by mail.  

Full Application and Interview
As soon as we receive your completed Pre-application by mail with the enrollment fee, we will send you a full application and you will interviewed by a Two Worlds United Representative. Your journey just begin! 
More questions about the Exchange Student Program? We're here to help.
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Top Questions
1. How can I apply?
2. Do I qualify for the program?
3. When should I apply?


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 Apply Online
Now you can download the necessary forms for program participation...
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student exchange programs.

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