The Lizzie McGuire Movie
Release Date: May 2nd, 2003 (wide)

Release Date Note: (4/15/03) This movie was originally mentioned as a possible March, 2003 release before being scheduled for May 2nd.

Title Note: (11/25/02) Originally listed as 'Ciao Lizzie!', it appears Disney is going with 'The Lizzie McGuire Movie' instead. (12/29/02) There are rumors that the title may change to 'Lizzie in Rome.'

MPAA Rating Note: (8/31/02) Nothing's official until the MPAA sees the final cut, but I doubt this film will receive a rating harsher than a PG; it could even get a G. (4/8/03) ...and the answer is PG.

MPAA Rating: PG (for mild thematic elements)

Running Time: 90 minutes

Distributor: Walt Disney Pictures

Cast: Hilary Duff (Lizzie McGuire, Isabella), Yani Gellman (Paolo), Adam Lamberg (David "Gordo" Gordon), Robert Carradine (Mr. Sam McGuire), Hallie Todd (Mrs. Jo McGuire), Jake Thomas (Matt McGuire), Alex Borstein (Miss Ungermeyer), Ashlie Brillaut (Kate Sanders), Yani Gellman, Brendan Kelly (Sergei), Terra MacLeod (Franca), Jody Racicot (Giorgio), Caroline Reitman (Tina), Carly Schroeder (Melina), Clayton Snyder (Ethan Craft), Hallie Todd (Jo McGuire)

Director: Jim Fall (the 1999 gay comedy, Trick; he's also got a made-for-ABC-TV remake of Footloose in development)

Screenwriter: Susan Estelle Jansen (feature screenwriting debut of the executive producer of the "Lizzie McGuire" TV series)

Based Upon: This movie is based upon the popular TV series, "Lizzie McGuire", which aired on the Disney Channel in 2001-2002, as part of their "Zoog Weekendz" schedule, and also airs on ABC Saturday mornings. The series ended production after 65 episodes, with the franchise now moving to the big screen instead.

Premise: Graduating from junior high school, Lizzie McGuire (Duff) goes to Italy for her summer vacation. Lizzie's inner thoughts are represented on the screen in the form of an animated version of herself. Once in Italy, Lizzie meets a handsome Italian pop star who recruits her to become his singing partner, transforming Lizzie from being a regular American school girl into being a glitzy European pop sensation...

Filming: Production started on October 16th, 2002 at locations in Rome and Vancouver, on a budget of $15 million. Filming wrapped up on December 11th, 2002.

Genre: Animated (partially), Comedy, Female, Kids, Musically, Teen, TV Series

Official Site: Walt Disney Pictures

Credits Greg Dean Schmitz


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