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Life-enriching travel is the cornerstone of Two Worlds United Educational Foundation. Cultural and language immersion makes student travel an experience to be cherished for a lifetime. Two Worlds United provides students, student groups and teachers with a variety of programs in many countries including the United States, Canada, Spain, France, Germany, Japan, and many others.

Two Worlds United abroad opportunities include a full academic year (10 to 11 months), or an academic semester (4 to 6 months). The priceless advantages of taking education in a foreign country is the unforgettable experience of that country's history, its culture, its modern life, its language and the discovery that underneath most of the societal trappings, people are the same everywhere.

Student programs are designed for University level with a strong emphasis on preparing pupils for college. Students who have studied abroad typically have greater confidence and strive to pursue higher goals for themselves throughout life.

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