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We offer study abroad programs that will fulfill all your demands for intercultural education, foreign language and personal growth. Two Worlds United is the premier Student Travel Organization in North America and with presence and partnerships in more than 25 countries. Our Educational Foundation has established University and High School international programs in more than 30 nations of the world. We offer summer programs, academic semesters (4 to 6 months) and full academic year (10 to 11 months) programs, designed to offer students the full benefit of intercultural education.

For students who live and study among their peers within a different country and culture, the experience is often life-changing. Typically, a foreign study program on a graduate's resume helps to open college entrance doors - and, is noted by prospective employers as an indication of experience and maturity.

Two Worlds United provides educational opportunities abroad for individual students, student groups and for teachers as well. With the many programs to select from, and the many countries to choose from, chances are your perfect opportunity awaits.

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