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Student Exchange Programs

Foreign student exchange programs offer the chance of a lifetime. Check your opportunities at Two Worlds United Education Foundation offers a variety of student exchange and study abroad programs to suit every purpose and every budget. Our programming extends to more than 30 countries, and delivers high quality academic courses of various duration. Student exchange programs include short summer sessions (6 to 8 weeks), individual semesters (4 to 6 months) and full one-year programs (10 to 11 months).

Visit our website to check the wide range of possibilities for student exchange programs, and browse through the detailed information sections for useful tips about expectations and behavior in the country of your choice. If you aren't already excited, you soon will be! New cultures, new customs, new languages, new friends - they're all there for the experiencing. Few, if any, adventures will ever be as memorable or as unique.

Give us a call: 1-888-271-6809.


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Student Exchange Programs
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