Two Worlds United Host Families.  Host families are carefully chosen by Two Worlds United Representation Abroad based upon their desire to host a visiting student and their ability to provide a safe, comfortable home and a positive cultural experience for their new family member.  Host families are screened in a multi-step process to evaluate their background and suitability to provide accommodation to an exchange student.  

What are the Host Families like.  Host families selected for the Two Worlds United international exchange student programs are diverse, but all have in common the desire to share their culture and family life with an international student.  Each family is interviewed in their home and is chosen for their ability and desire to welcome a young person.   Because a studentís well being is Two Worlds Unitedís foremost priority, host families are carefully screened. 

The Families are diverse.  They may have children of any age, not necessarily teenagers, or they may not have children at all.  There may be other relatives living in the home.  They may live in urban, suburban, or rural areas, and they may live in an apartment or on a farm.  Students are matched with host families based on many factors including common interests and activities. High School Student Exchange


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