Social Life Abroad

Variety in Cultures, educational activities and festivals and traditions are an outstanding feature of the Two Worlds United Language Study Abroad programs. Foreign exchange students have the opportunity to experience the wonders of a new land.  Holidays, festivals and community events are many.  Music, dancing, poetry, and singing often enliven these colorful occasions. The fiesta at Valencia, the April fair in Seville, and the San Fermín fiesta at Pamplona or the cathedrals of Italy and France are several of the more important social characteristic. In contrast, the feast of Corpus Christi in Toledo and Granada and the Holy Week observances in Milan, Madrid, and Dijon are solemn affairs. As a foreign exchange student in Australia you will have the opportunity of seeing a koala or a kangaroo—and the locals in the streets wearing an Australian hat. Once you've driven through the outback, or watched the sun rise over the Coral Sea, or visit in one of the adventurous national parks, you will have the extraordinary and unique experience that only student exchanges can provide.


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