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Two Worlds United offers Student Exchange Program opportunities that include a choice of more than 30 countries, and an academic time period to suit individual purposes. Two Worlds United has student exchange program summer programming, 4 to 6 month semesters, and year academic sessions.

The value of student exchange program is an experience of a lifetime. The mixing of cultures and backgrounds provides young people with an unforgettable awareness. Everyone in the family in fact benefits from a new understanding and friendships blossom.

Visit the Two Worlds United website for further information about our Student Exchange Programs. There is much to choose from. We provide student group and specialized programs just for teachers as well. 

For information call us toll free at: 1-888-696-8808

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Student Exchange Program benefits offered by

Student Exchange Program information presented by . Student exchange programs will make you able to develop cultural awareness begins by understanding what culture is. Find more student exchange program information on . Culture is the values, beliefs, assumptions and ideas that a people and/or a society hold in common. For more information and details please visit . Although it is sometimes simple to notice the differences from one culture to another, it is not always easy to be conscious of how we behave in our own culture. Student Exchange give you the chance to enter into a culture different from your own, you are exposed to new sights, sounds, and ideas, people and feelings. Much time is spent experiencing this "New World". Understanding the new culture is very important but so is understanding your own culture. In fact, the more you understand about the origins of your own values, practices, and beliefs, the more you will be able to understand another culture.

Another great reason to develop cultural awareness in your student exchange program is that it makes your entire experience as an exchange student more memorable. By opening your eyes to the new details of your surroundings you actually take in more of the experience and years later you'll be surprised to realize how vivid your memories of your exchange experience can be.

However you look at it, cultural awareness in your student exchange program is essential to getting along in a new culture. The more effort you put into developing cultural awareness, the more successful you will be in your student exchange program. A special focus on cultural awareness should be made in the weeks and months before departing to prepare yourself for the upcoming exchange by reading, watching videos and intercultural programs, and by writing a journal of your thoughts and your expectations as a student exchange program student. Make a list of your expectations for the exchange experience and make brief written descriptions of how you will or would like to act in certain situations that may arise with friends, your host family or at school. Don't just wait until packing your suitcase to think what it will be like, be prepared and take measures to prepare yourself.

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After your arrival it is interesting to compare your expectations written in your journal before departure with what you find after arrival. You will learn a lot about cultural awareness just by recognizing stereotypes that you had about your own culture and the new culture you are living in.

We helped many students  to grow personally and to develop their potential on a wide variety of student exchange programs across the globe. staff is highly trained, and are devoted to helping people to acquire knowledge and develop global skills for living in a culturally diverse world. provides youth with a new world of experiences and knowledge.  Our student exchange and student exchange programs are designed to give youth the opportunity to spend a summer, semester or academic year in another country. Our students are exposed to other cultures, languages and ways of thinking.  This new knowledge and experience enable youth to become educated, open-minded, mature people who are connected to and care about the world in which they live.

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