Main student services at national level

Austrian Exchange Service (ÖAD)

Dr. Karl Lueger-Ring 1
1010 Wien

Tel: +43(1) 4053-150

Fax: +43(1) 4081-777




Category of services provided: Social and welfare services; Academic and career counselling services; Special services/Centre for foreign students

Services available to foreign Students: Yes


National student associations and unions

Österreichischen HochschülerInnenschaft

Liechtensteinstrasse 13
1090 Wien

Tel: +43(1) 310-88-80-0

Fax: +43(1) 310-88-80-36




Health/social provisions

Social security for home students: Yes

Social security for foreign students: Yes

Foreign student social security provisions: Both Austrian and foreign students are entitled to health insurance which may be obtained from the Regional Public Health Insurance Institution (Gebietskrankenkasse), at the time of registration.


Special student travel fares:

By road: Yes

By rail: Yes

Available to foreign students: Yes


Student expenses and financial aid

Student costs:

Average living costs: 7272 (Euro)

Home students tuition fees: Minimum: 726 (Euro)

Maximum: 736 (Euro)

Publications on student services and financial aid:

Title: Study abroad 2000-2001

Publisher: UNESCO/IBE

Year of publication: 1999


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