Unforgettable School Experiences

There is no better way to come to understand people of your own age group than by going to school with them. This gives you the opportunity to truly be a part of the host country and to understand your peers.

School may be different than you expect. Your classes may be at different times than you are used to and lunch break may be longer. The classrooms may look different, students may behave differently in class, and extracurricular activities may be different as well.

Most students involve themselves in after school activities that are not school related. Your friends will get together often during the week just to go to the movies, or the bookstore to talk and hang around, or go to a café or shopping.

The best way to get integrated into your new school is to be on good behavior in the classroom so that your teachers will recognize you as a good student. In the classroom take notice of the general attitude and behavior of your classmates when you begin school. Treat the teacher in the same manner as they do, teachers get a lot of respect and being a new student you should try to give a good impression. Don't try to draw attention to yourself as the new student from a different country because the other students already know this about you, and they will give you more attention if you don't beg for it than if you do.

Before leaving your home country talk with your school guidance counselor about the classes you should take while studying internationally. This will make the transfer of credits easier for you. Enrolling in language classes is a good way to practice and become better at speaking the language of your host country. History classes are also a great way to learn more about the host country.

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