Health/social provisions

Social security for home students: Yes

Social security for foreign students: Yes


Special student travel fares:

By road: Yes

By rail: Yes

By air: Yes

Available to foreign students: Yes


Student expenses and financial aid

Student costs:

Home students tuition fees: Maximum: 3600 (Euro)

Bodies providing information on student financial aid:

Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport

34 Alcalá
28014 Madrid

Tel: +48(1) 532-1300


Deals with: Grants

Category of students: students with Spanish citizenship or with legal residence in Spain.

Publications on student services and financial aid:

Title: Convocatoría general de Becas para Realizar Estudios en España

Publisher: Agencia española de Cooperación internacional (AECI), Madrid

Title: Study abroad 2000-2001

Publisher: UNESCO/IBE

Year of publication: 1999


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