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Usual grading system in secondary school

Full Description: 1-5; 1 sehr gut; 2 gut; 3 befriedigend; 4 genügend; 5 nicht genügend

Highest on scale: 1

Pass/fail level: 4

Lowest on scale: 5


Main grading system used by higher education institutions

Full Description: 1-5 1 sehr gut/excellent; 2 gut/good; 3 befriedigend/satisfactory; 2 genügend/sufficient:; 5 nicht genügend/failure

Highest on scale: 1

Pass/fail level: 4

Lowest on scale: 5




University cooperation and exchanges also take place in Auslandsbüros (Foreign Offices) at universities, universities of the arts and Fachhochschule programmes.


Data for academic year: 2001-2002

Source: Bundesministerium für Bildung, Wissenschaft und Kultur (NARIC Austria), Vienna, 2002


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